DProbe--Intelligent Probe

Product overview
ZCTT DProbe3000 is a 2-way 2U rack server with high-performance Intel chipset, powerful Intel E5-2620V3 processor. With the combination of up to 512GB memory, 8 hot-swap 2.5’or 3.5’hard disks, flexibly expanded full-height PCI-E cards, ZCTT DProbe3000 performs exceptionally well in a number of demanding environments. The incredible versatility of the Dprobe3000 delivers outstanding performance in a limited space, which ensures the operations of key tasks, providing advanced management and storage technologies for reliable scalability and high availability.


Product specification


Application scenarios
DProbe3000 enables to be deployed in core networks of GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, IMS, and supports multiple protocols and intelligent network.
Deployed in CS domain
DProbe3000 can be deployed in such interfaces as A, IuCS, S1-MME, S6a and SGs, to analyze CS data, thus analyzing NE, user identity, location and other information related. Analytical data about delay and indicators enables to locate failures and alarm information accurately.


Deployed in VOLTE
ZCTT DProbe3000 can be deployed in such interfaces as SIP, Rx, Gx, Gb, luPS, Gn, Gi, as it works to analyze signaling plane data of S1-MME, analyzing user identity, location and other information related. If S1-MME is encryption transmission, encryption key enables to be acquired from S6a and encryption processing is conducted in real time.
Furthermore, ZCTT DProbe3000 supports RTP/RTCP protocols analysis, as a way for realizing quality of voice/video service statistics and failures monitoring.


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