Optimization analysis of GSM voice end-to-end delay optimization

    End-to-end delay optimization product, this paper realizes the classified statistical analysis of the end-to-end user perception time delay of the core network and realizes the output of the customized report. At the same time, the alarm processing of the key indicators has been achieved. Through the comprehensive analysis of the end-to-end user perception time delay, the network maintenance quality and efficiency are improved, and user's perceived satisfaction is improved.


    According to user requirements, this product will voice business end-to-end connection process is divided into seven main link, the call setup delay distribution statistical analysis, analysis of paragraphs time delay and the recommended value of differences, find the key factors influencing the delay.


    The seven main signaling processes are the calling request process, the calling authentication process, the calling process, the core network signaling process, the called paging process, the called authentication process, and the called assignment process.


    Because the calling request process is a wireless signaling process, this product does not analyze the process. This process is analyzed by road test, and this product only carries on the time delay statistical analysis to other six segment signaling process. According to the different configuration of network elements and network elements in different areas, the signaling process of voice service is different, and the signaling definition rules of each signaling process are also different. The end to end delay analysis platform can automatically identify the local signaling process, and divide the end-to-end process according to the different signaling rules according to the different signaling processes.


    End-to-end delay optimization analysis of product functions, support localization, flexible configuration. By means of tools, it provides users with special analysis services, discovers and solves network hidden faults, and improves user service perception.

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