Intelligent Transportation Big Data Platform

With the release of "13th Five-Year" national development plan, the environment of the transportation development is undergoing profound changes, deepening the reform of transportation and improving the modern integrated transportation system, cannot do without the latest information. Therefore, the Department of Transportation issued a "13th Five-Year development plan on traffic information", pointed out that the new technology of big data, the Internet, cloud computing as the carrier of intelligent transportation, is the development direction and goal of transportation information.

Today's traffic situation is getting more complex, the requirement to the real-time data and accuracy is also getting higher. Mobile phone and other smart mobile signaling data terminal, characterized by its huge user base, wide range and real-time, has become an important source of traffic basic data analysis. To realize the integration of signaling data and traffic data with big data technology is an important means to realize the intelligent transportation.

ZCTT can rely on over 20 years accumulation in massive data mining technology in the field of signaling data acquisition and analysis, discussed with experts from transportation industries, meticulously built the comprehensive, real-time, accurate intelligent transportation products based on 2G/3G/4G network signaling data and big data analysis technology.


? ZCTT big data platform

Adopting the HADOOP architecture, distributed computing of mass information which is fast, reliable and real-time, so that the traffic demand population is covered in all regions and at full time.

? Traffic data algorithm

Classification analysis, clustering analysis, association analysis, specific group analysis, geographic encoding and other rich machine learning algorithm, to meet the traffic analysis demand of traffic guidance, traffic flow forecasting, cross industry association and other types of data mining application.

? Comprehensive analysis of traffic condition

Using the unique patent technology, by means of historical data analysis, we can carry out the law of the traffic congestion situation and cause analysis of the urban road network.

-Traffic congestion index monitoring.

-Congestion mileage ratio monitoring

-Duration of congestion monitoring

-Frequent congestion road distribution monitoring

? Commuting analysis

Commuting traffic is a key factor affecting the morning and evening peak hours traffic load, by monitoring the trend of commuter flow change analysis, and further track the trend of residence distribution, to forecast the development trend of traffic flow timely, understanding the causes of changes of traffic demand, aided planning and decision making.

? Effectiveness analysis of subway operation

From the view of the site, the subway station of the specified import and the average dwell time of passenger flow, combined with passenger work station, subway station, residence property, determine the radiation range and operation load; from the perspective of the operation of the line, track the subway running load, providing decision support for public transportation.

? Intelligent traffic SMS platform

Using big data platform, by means of analysis of mobile phone users signaling data, to form their traffic behavior to track traffic state changes (such as road congestion, traffic station etc.). Make accurate delivery of messages to target people, to realize intelligent travel and traffic guidance management.




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