Intelligent Government Security Control Platform

      The number of China's population, the population variety, along with the rapid development of China's economy, the urbanization process as well as the large size of the floating population, which caused great pressure on the current city management, but also had many adverse effects on social harmony and stability.

      Big data, data visualization and analysis of related demographic data can help the governments’ management towards the early warning management from emergency management, and quantitative management from the relatively extensive management. For the relevant departments of the floating population management, the effective use of big data in population management is also an important manifestation of strengthening population management, innovation and scientific management.

      Big data technology is helpful for the government departments to accurately grasp the current situation of population development. To clarify the population status and predict the development trend are important to improve the government management system and raise the level of public service.

      Big data technology is also helpful to carry out early warning analysis, which is one of the most important functions. That is to make early warning analysis through a comprehensive analysis of a large amount of data information, which can prevent unexpected incidents and malignant events.

Risk identification
      Integrated telecom operators’data, weather data, traffic data, etc., to identify the potential risks caused by crowd gathered, weather, transportation and other reasons through large data analysis system.


Risk pre-warning

      To identify risks and carry out security early warning according to the early-warning model, and send the early warning information to the designated management personnel in real time.

      Warning threshold management: early warning baseline analysis, setting warning threshold in monitoring area, etc.

Early warning mechanism management: to provide interface alarm, SMS sending, mail sent to the relevant personnel.


Urban traffic management

    On the eve of special activities (sports events, concert activities) held, predict changes in regional flow in advance to provide reference for the flow of early warning work for the Department of transportation, in order to better achieve the traffic grooming, providing guidance and advice for vehicle parking venues.


Population composition analysis

Analysis of the people composition in key areas

-Such as business district personnel composition analysis

-Identify store staff and quantity

-Identify the number of shoppers and the loyalty index analysis

The low end of the industry and population leases

    To analyze low-end industry practitioners distribution, daily schedule, renting in groups, etc, in the area by means of big data technology, convenient for the relevant government departments to carry out the demolition vacate of low-end industries.


    Low-end industry personnel source analysis: analysis of low-end industry regional daily flow of population information, their quantity and location, etc.


    Low-end industry personnel residence analysis: analysis of low-end industrial area daily flow crowd information, retrospective analysis of their living quarters in this area.


    Low-end industry real time analysis: real-time analysis of low-end industry area per hour changes in personnel to establish traffic flow prediction model and to analyze anticipation of future changes in the growth of personnel.



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