NetCompass-CS System Solution

Product overview
As one of the test enterprises that is of certain scale in China, ZCTT provides NetCompass-CS monitoring system  to help operators and equipment manufacturers develop telecom-level signaling network.

Based on the NetCompass signaling monitoring platform, NetCompass-CS monitoring system uses three-tier architecture to achieve the processing, convergence, statistics and analysis on signaling protocols, such as BSSAP, RANAP, BICC, TUP, ISUP, MAP, CAP, INAP, H.248 etc, and to provide a comprehensive solution for compliment settling, analysis optimization, real-time monitoring, security control, and market support etc. for the CS domain of 2/3G network  by collecting and monitoring ports such as McA/IuCS, Nc, C/D/E, intelligent network, interconnection etc.

1. GSM/WCDMA solution


2. CDMA/CDMA2000 solution


3. Fixed network solution


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