NetCompass-IMS System Solution

Product overview
    The IMS network architecture plays an important role in promoting operators VoLTE voice solution and RCS rich-media service. Now, all operators are speeding up the deployment of the IMS network, which has been put into commercial operation in many provinces. With the development of IMS multi-media service as well as the increasing of users, VoLTE testing begins to be conducted based on the IMS network. However, many problems occurs in the process of IMS network operation and maintenance, while the operators are lack of effective tools to solve these problems.

    ZCCT is highly prospective in the communication network monitoring market, and has launched the IMS monitoring system product in 2010. Based on advanced technologies in the aspects of data collection, analysis and processing, this product provides data support for network maintenance and help operators find out, locate and solve network quality problem such as user complaint so as to facilitate the operators to improve the network reliability and operating quality in the stage of IMS network construction and operation.

    The IMS monitoring system can collect and monitor the signaling and media data of all network devices including service network, core network, inter-working network, all service servers in city and region network, user registration, session server and access gateway server etc., collect various IP/E1 data formats, analyze the signaling like SIP/DIAMETER/DNS/ENUM/H248/ISUP /BICC/CAP and RTP/RTCP media data. Also, as the requirements of monitoring, collect different IMS network device interfaces and various signaling and media data, and make data correlation analysis in combination with other ZCTT monitoring systems to provide users with a comprehensive IMS network monitoring solution.



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