NetCompass-LTE System Solution

Product overview
    Telecommunication operators around the world are deploying the LTE network actively in order to meet the requirements of user experience improvement, ease the tense bandwidth situation, and increase the profitability.

    On the basis of the understanding on the complicated and variable network environment at home and abroad, the NetCompass-LTE monitoring system achieves a comprehensive monitoring to the operators' links, network elements, terminals, users and services, and thus provide comprehensively network congestion discovery, network element device status monitoring, business hot-spot discovery, user preference analysis, service provider evaluation, user network interaction quality evaluation and other functions.

    Under the B/S architecture, NetCompass-LTE  supports both soft and hard data acquisition, signaling and user data analysis and processing, provides various CSFB, 2/3/4G interoperation and special series products like VoLTE, and whereby bring the operators an overall one-stop solution.

    NetCompass-LTE monitoring system can collect and monitor Uu, X2, S1-MME, S1-U, S6a, S10, S11, S3, S4, S5, S8, S12, S9, SGs, Gx, Sh, Sv and Rx interface.
    The scope of protocol analysis and synthesis includes GTPv1, GTPv2, Radius, Diameter, S1AP, X2AP, SGsAP, GRE, PMIPv4, PMIPv6 and TCP/IP.

Monitoring system architecture
    Monitoring system adopts a distributed network mode based on remote terminal and central station, which may structurally be divided into data collecting layer, analytical processing layer, associated backfilling layer, cloud storage data layer, and application platform analysis layer. Each layer adopts a standard format output  to make the systems from different manufacturers to be used in layering.

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