Data Business (PS) System Solution

Product overview
    The data service monitoring system of ZCTT is widely applied to the wireless access network and core network PS domain under the PSTN/PLMN/NGN network architecture, and implement signaling monitoring and analysis on various services such as local network voice service, domestic long-distance service, international long-distance voice service, intelligent network service, message service, 3G voice/visual call service, VoIP service, multimedia service, WAP internet service etc., which can provide targeted solutions for networking conditions of different operators.
    This system can collect various kinds of signaling links without impacting on network operation, such as high-resistant bridging, LanSwitch mirror image, TAP branch and beam splitting by optical splitter and etc. so as to conduct protocol decoding and CDR synthesis, represent the whole service connecting process, and carry out statistics on various indicators of network and service to help the network maintenance personnel know the service operating condition.

    The main monitoring interfaces of the data service monitoring system include Gn, Gb/IuPS, Gi and other interfaces

1. GSM / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA solution


2. CDMA2000 solution


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