【MWC · Shanghai】ZCTT attends the Mobile World Congress 2015

Under the theme of “Mobile Unlimited”, Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) between 15-17 July 2015. Mobile technology is constantly changing the world we live in. From connected cars and wearable tech to mobile payments and smarter cities, mobile is revolutionizing and enhancing every aspect of our lives.

It is honored to invite you to visit our booth (Stand W4.D66). With this opportunity, we can exchange ideas and promote mutual understanding for further win-win cooperation.

With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet services, the primary maintenance tasks for operators within the next few years are to ensure network quality and revenue stability, end-to-end customer perception and smooth handover between networks, so communications testing optimization and maintenance management industry is faced with a lot of development opportunities. How to use limited resources to simplify the management, maximize customer satisfaction, and how to use low-consumption and detailed operation mode to manage website are the long-term challenges, so ZCTT will provide you with a series of operation and maintenance, network monitoring and service assurance solutions to help you keep strongly competitive.

We will provide the following products and solutions over the course of this congress:


Testing Instruments
■ NetSparrow Transport Testers – As the cost-effective and high performance instruments for the engineering and maintenance of private network, NetSparrow Transport Testers provide fiber network, IP network and time/frequency synchronization network test solutions for operators and industry customers, such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Army, Transport, and Oil etc.

■ NetPecker Protocol Analyzers – As the important instruments for the operation and maintenance of communication networks, NetPecker Protocol Analyzers support protocol capture and analysis, network optimization analysis, quality analysis of video and voice services, and network KPI statistics and analysis etc.

■ Wireless Testers
   ○ Passive Inter-Modulation Analyzers –With 10.1” TFT color touch screen and over 4 hours operating time, PIM analyzers are professional instruments which are characterized by very low self-inter-modulation and high-power level signal output, and also integrate source, power amplifier and receiver. Its high accuracy receiver allows fast and precise measurements of 3rd, 5th, 7th order intermodulation of passive devices under high power conditions.

   ○ Portable Spectrum Analyzer - Specially designed for the installation and maintenance of base stations, portable spectrum analyzer provides demodulation analysis and interference investigation functions for 2G/3G/4G signals. It is light-weighted, easy-to-operate and works long hours. It is a “mast-have” instrument to field test engineers for signal analysis and interference investigation.

Wireless Communication Equipment
■ POI – The products are mainly used for indoor coverage in convention centers, exhibition halls, airports, subways and other large buildings. The system uses frequency combiner and bridge combiner to combine mobile signals from various operators of various standards and divert them to the antenna distribution system, hence to make full use of resources and save investment.

■ Smart Antennas – Modern networks demand high performance, smart antennas use several new and innovative design techniques with excellent side-lobe performance, sharp elevation beams, and high front to back ratio. Multiple networks can now be connected to a single antenna, reducing tower loading and leasing expense, while decreasing deployment time and installation cost.

Signaling Monitoring System
■ Through real-time data acquisition of network interface, signaling monitoring system implements signaling and business data decoding and CDR synthesis, displays the whole process of services, provides statistics on all kinds of network and service indicators, and realizes 2G/3G/4G speech and data service correlation analysis, so the maintenance personnel can understand and analyze the quality of network and service. In addition to signaling capture, network optimization and information sharing, this system can provide value-added services solutions and related network optimization services.

Network Traffic Analytics and Visibility System
■ The system builds the big data network management, analysis and presentation system for the broadband operators, mobile operators, cloud providers, government networks and enterprise networks. By developing the equipment which are the most powerful in the industry, and deep analysis of the network traffic, we provide an easy expansion, easy deployment, and easy operation open big data infrastructure for the network owners, which will promote and lead the intelligent network channel construction.

Integrated Maintenance PDA
■ In addition to the functions of smartphone, SMS, camera and maintenance system platform connection, New-generation Integrated Maintenance PDA support broadband test and equipment management in 4G and WIFI 5G network.

We look forward to communicating with you face to face!

For more information about our products & solutions, please visit at ZCTT booth (W4.D66)

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